The 13 Scariest Movie Vampires Ever

Vampires, immortal as they are, will always be a part of horror cinema, either sparkling in the sunlight to woo teen girlfriends or trapping real estate agents in their ancient castles so their army of undead wives can suck their blood. They’ve made their way from whispered warnings in fairy tales and folklore to the … Read more

The Worst 2000s Movies, According to Letterboxd

As of this writing, the invaluable movie social networking site Letterboxd lists 112,245 released from January 1, 2000 to December 31, 2009. Ten years, over 112,000 movies. That means if you dedicated your life to watching every single movie released in the decade over the course of the entire decade, you would have to watch … Read more

12 Movies That Were Changed Due to Controversy

There are controversial movies and then there are movies that are so controversial that people get upset about them before they even see them. And then there are movies that are so controversial that people get so upset about them before they even see them to the point that the studios releasing those movies decide to change them … Read more

30 Eclectic Paul Reubens Movie and TV Roles

Paul Reubens was best-known for portraying Pee-wee Herman, a childlike character that he first began developing as an improv actor in the ’70s. Herman was beloved, appearing in numerous films and TV shows, but even Reubens himself, who died at the age of 70, couldn’t totally explain what made him so entertaining. “Honestly, most questions that are asked of … Read more

10 Comedies That Are Surprisingly Deep

Sometimes, we’re in the mood to watch something that will make us feel all the big feelings. Other times, we want a movie that’s fun, light, and uncomplicated. In a couple of rare cases, we get both — a comedic, fast-paced film that still manages to incorporate a powerful message. In fact, some of your … Read more

The Worst TV Superhero Costumes of All Time

Look! Up in the sky! On second thought, look away. Look away. Throughout the first century of the television medium, it has proven exceedingly difficult for many shows to accurately and convincingly create superhero costumes. To be fair, that’s been a tough task for a lot of major theatrical movies as well, and those are typically made with budgets … Read more

10 Misleading Trailers That Are Different Than the Movie

A well-crafted movie trailer conveys to the audience Only the right amount of information about the film they are about to see. And perhaps more importantly, it sets the overall mood of the film – whether it’s light-hearted comedy or dark, suspenseful drama. But sometimes a trailer doesn’t quite match the movie it’s selling. In … Read more

Every Christopher Nolan Movie, Ranked From Worst to Best

As so often in the films of Christopher nolan, the clock is ticking in his latest release. This time it’s time Oppenheimer, a biopic about J. Robert Oppenheimer, the father of the atomic bomb. Starring Cillian Murphy as Oppenheimer, the film explores why brilliant scientists developed a weapon of mass destruction – and why many … Read more

Surprising Pairs of Movies Released On The Same Day

Movie fans will forever remember July 21, 2023, a weekend that will go down in history for the birth of a very long and very strange word. Barbenheimer. For reasons I can’t really understand, people were transfixed and even obsessed with the idea of ​​two very different (but also very exciting) films hitting theaters on … Read more

The Best Sequels Not Made By the Original Movie’s Director

When looking at lists of great movie sequels, most of the top picks are – The Godfather Part II, Bride of Frankenstein, The dark knight, toy story 2, Terminator 2: Judgment Day, Mad Max: Fury Road, Spider-Man 2 – have something in common. They were all directed by the same filmmaker who directed the original … Read more