EXCLUSIVE: Xolo Maridueñ opens up about his Jaime Reyes’ role in DC’s Blue Beetle

Blue Beetle is all set to take over the cinema on August 18, 2023. With its supernatural story clubbed with mind-blowing visuals, this movie will definitely keep the audience hooked to the screens till the very end. Blue Beetle’s first trailer revealed Cobra Kai star Xolo Mariduena taking on the role of the titular superhero. … Read more

Blue Beetle Clip Shows Jaime Reyes Learning About the Scarab

A new Blue Beetle clip is out, which showcases Xolo Maridueña‘s Jaime Reyes learning more about the scarab that’s taken over him. What happens in the new Blue Beetle clip? The new clip comes courtesy of Fandango. It features Reyes showing the alien technology embedded in his back to his family, as well as to … Read more

Blue Beetle: Susan Sarandon praises director Angel Manuel, says ‘He was so passionate…’

Blue Beetle is all set to hit theaters nationwide on August 18. The film not only introduces a fresh face to the DC universe but also brings with it a wave of praise from none other than Susan Sarandon. The seasoned actress, who takes on a captivating role in the movie, couldn’t help but heap … Read more

Blue Beetle eyeing $30 million box office opening in the U.S.

Blue Beetle, box-office

Blue Beetle is eyeing a $30 million box office opening in the U.S., which is nearly double the previous prediction. The arrival of the latest DC superhero is nearly upon us, and he may make a bigger impression at the box office than we thought. Previous reports stated that Blue Beetle was tracking toward a … Read more

How Many Blue Beetle Post-Credit Scenes Reportedly Revealed

The number of potential Blue Beetle post-credit scenes has reportedly been revealed. It details what to expect from the upcoming DC Studios film. How many post-credits scenes does Blue Beetle have? According to a recent report from Max Blizz, director Angel Manuel Soto recently held a premiere for the film at a block party in … Read more

Blue Beetle transformation channelled David Cronenberg

Blue Beetle, transformation

Blue Beetle director Angel Manuel Soto wanted to channel David Cronenberg for Jaime’s transformation in the DC movie. When people transform into their superhero personas in comic-book movies, the change is rarely as disturbing as it appears to be in Blue Beetle. While speaking with Variety, Blue Beetle director Angel Manuel Soto discussed his cinematic … Read more

Blue Beetle tickets are now available for pre-order on Fandango

blue beetle poster, dc films, warner bros

Blue Beetle tickets are available for pre-order through Fandango ahead of DC’s next cinematic superhero adventure! It’s almost time for Jaime Reyes to scuttle onto the silver screen in DC’s Blue Beetle! While promotional engagements for the film have their wings clipped because of the WGA and SAG-AFTRA strikes, Fandango wants superhero fans to know that Blue … Read more